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How Does Steel Fiber Promote the Development of Urban Architecture?

Ⅰ. How does steel fiber promote the development of urban architecture

The main function of short fibers distributed uniformly and disorderly in steel fiber reinforced concrete is to hinder the expansion of micro-cracks in the concrete and prevent the occurrence of macro-cracks. Therefore, it can significantly improve the tensile strength of concrete and the shear, flexural and torsional strength controlled by the tensile stress. Even in the case of certain cracks in the concrete, it still has a great contribution to the load-bearing capacity of the concrete. Only when the fiber is pulled out of the concrete, the tensile strength will decrease. The improvement of steel fiber on the bending and compressive fatigue performance of concrete is also obvious. Through the study of the basic mechanical properties of steel fiber reinforced concrete, it is found that the addition of steel fiber does not greatly improve the compressive strength of concrete, but the compressive toughness is greatly improved. For steel fiber reinforced concrete, it mainly uses the post-crack radian and post-crack toughness. Although the crack width is smaller than that of reinforced concrete, there are cracks in the end. Therefore, the steel fiber reinforced concrete used in the wet environment, especially on the seashore, should be protected against corrosion measures.

Ⅱ. What problems does steel fiber solve

The emergence of steel fiber is to solve the increasingly severe road damage situation. The improvement of people's living standards makes the purchase of cars realized by more and more people. There are more vehicles, and the pressure on the road is naturally increasing. For the cement concrete pavement, the cost of refurbishing the pavement is huge, and the construction period is long, which seriously affects the traffic and pedestrian travel. The emergence of steel fiber can effectively improve the appearance of this situation. As a new type of composite material, fiber concrete has been quickly and widely used, which can effectively control the occurrence and extension of concrete cracks and improve the crack resistance of the entire composite material.

The steel fiber is subjected to high heat and cooling during processing, which is equivalent to the quenched state. Therefore, the hardness of the steel fiber should be high, and the concrete will not be bent when the concrete is mixed. The steel fiber made into a hook shape can more effectively adhere to the concrete. Cracked steel fiber reinforced concrete components are easily carbonized in the cracks in a humid environment. Once there is water, the steel fiber will corrode if moisture penetrates into it, which not only affects the strength of the steel fiber reinforced concrete, but also greatly shortens the life span. The bonding between the steel fiber reinforced concrete and the machine body is physical, mainly based on the transmission of frictional shear.