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SDS-05030 0.50mm Diameter 30mm Length Glued Steel Fiber

This kind of steel fiber is made of high-speed wire, when you add it to concrete, which can improve the toughness, bending and tensile strength, shear strength, shock resistance, cracking resistance, and permeability of concrete. Thus, steel fiber concrete is essentially different from ordinary concrete. Welcome to contact us for steel fiber density and other information about this kind of steel fiber.

The Specification of SDS-05030 0.50mm Diameter 30mm Length Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber











Tensile strength




The Advantages of SDS-05030 0.50mm Diameter 30mm Length Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber

  • Under the same strength, the amount of concrete can be reduced;

  • Replace or partially replace the reinforcement;

  • The glued steel fiber can shorten the construction period, especially suitable for larger projects requiring continuous and rapid concrete pouring;

  • Compared with ordinary concrete, the same mixing and construction do not need to add new equipment.


  • Dosage: depending on the application and the minimum dosage is 20kg/㎥-70kg/㎥

  • Mixing: When pouring sand and aggregates into the hopper, mix an appropriate amount of loose steel fibers evenly, and then add cement. Put it on a mixing table, dry, and mix for 2 minutes. If it is glued in rows of steel fibers, you need to add steel fibers after adding water so that the water can dissolve the bonding glue.

  • Put the uniformly mixed fiber concrete into the conveyor and transport.

  • Concrete pouring and laying should be compacted.

The Safety & Packaging of SDS-05030 0.50mm Diameter 30mm Length Hooked End Steel Fiber

Star Smith is a professional steel fiber manufacturer that can offer a wide range of hooked end steel fiber that meets different needs.

Packaging:20kg or 25kg per bag/carton or as your requirements, there are 50 bags or 1000kg in a pallet,24tons per 20’container. 

And the pallets should be waterproof, don’t stack pallets on top of each other.

Gloves and eye protection should be used when adding the steel fibers.

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