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Steel Fiber For Expressway Pavement

In highways, airports, and other pavement projects, cement concrete is used to build pavements, airport pavements, industrial floors, bridge decks, and roofs. 

The advantages of cement concrete of concrete fiber suppliers are high rigidity, strong ability to spread loads, good stability, and convenient construction.

In recent years, the use of steel fiber reinforced concrete as a surface material has attracted the attention of engineering circles at home and abroad. 

Tests and applications show that steel fiber such as glued steel fiber reinforced concrete has a series of physical and mechanical properties such as better tensile strength, bending resistance, crack resistance, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, shrinkage resistance, and good toughness than cement concrete. 

Therefore, it has been widely used in engineering fields such as highway pavement, airport pavement, bridge deck, industrial ground and roof, and achieved good application results.

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