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Loose Hooked End Steel Fiber

SDS Loose Hooked End Steel Fiber

Hooked end steel fibres are made of high-quality cold drawn steel line, in order to make sure that it has high tensile strength and animal tolerance. And the steel fiber in bulk ensures the mixing fast and convenient, and the distribution homogeneous. During pulling from the cement, the steel fiber hooked end is deformation slowly it is considered to be the best anchorage force.

Unlike conventional reinforced fiber, steel fibers focus on three-dimensional reinforcement and make it impossible for a plain crack to follow.

Advantages of Loose Hooked End Steel Fiber

  • Technology advantage
    Technology advantage

    The design of end hooks at both ends of steel fiber is the best anchoring design, which slowly deforms in the process of drawing, thus enhancing the binding force between hooked steel fiber and concrete.

  • Material advantage
    Material advantage

    SDS hooked steel fibre is made of high-quality wire by cold drawing, and its tensile strength is greater than 1100MPa, which ensures extremely small tolerance and high tensile strength.

  • Economic advantage
    Economic advantage

    A.Compared with ordinary concrete, the same mixing and construction, do not need to add equipment.

    B.Under the same strength, the concrete consumption can be saved

    C.Replace or partially replace reinforcement

    D. Shorten the construction period, especially suitable for large projects requiring continuous and rapid pouring of concrete.

Types of Loose Hooked End Steel Fibre

Specification of Loose Steel Fiber Hooked End

ProductsDiameterLengthL/D ratioTSTypePackage

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