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Steel Fibers For Shotcrete

Steel fiber for shotcrete -SFRS

Steel fiber reinforced shotcrete (SFRS-steel fiber reinforced shotcrete) is  referred to as "steel shotcrete", which is similar to plain shotcrete (short for plain shotcrete without steel fiber) and has the following characteristics:

1. High strength (tensile, bending and shear), High resistance to impact, explosion and vibration.

2. Good toughness (deformability), good frost resistance, heat resistance and fatigue resistance; Strong crack resistance.

3. Even if the component has produced tiny cracks, the toughness will be greatly improved because the steel fiber continues to pull out.

4. The fiber direction after spraying is close to two-dimensional distribution, and the construction speed is fast and the adaptability is wide.

5. The rebound rate of steel shotcrete aggregate is lower than that of plain shotcrete, and the comprehensive unit price of steel shotcrete is lower, so steel shotcrete can replace the traditional shotcrete net support in NATM.

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