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Steel Fibers For Durability

The tensile strength of SDS Glued steel fiber reinforced is more than 1150MPa, and it will not be broken when concrete is subjected to heavy load. 

Steel fiber can effectively transmit and distribute stress and control crack propagation in concrete. The cross-sectional area of reinforced adhesive steel fiber is very small, and the ratio of area to volume is large, so it is easy to form alkaline film around the steel fiber to protect the steel fiber from corrosion.

At the same time, adding glued steel fiber can greatly reduce cracks in concrete, thus greatly reducing contact between corrosive substances and steel fibers, avoiding rusting of steel fibers, enhancing durability of concrete and prolonging service life of concrete. 

Hooks at both ends can ensure the best anchoring effect between steel fiber and concrete. 


steel-fiber-for-durability1.png   steel-fiber-for-durability.png