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Steel Fiber For Bridge

Steel fiber for bridge deck pavement

As bridge deck pavement material and pavement repair material, steel fiber concrete is also a successful field of fiber concrete at home and abroad. 

Steel fiber reinforced concrete with steel mesh is a high-performance concrete material composed of steel bars and steel fiber concrete. Research shows that steel fiber reinforced concrete has better tensile properties and crack resistance than reinforced concrete, and its wear resistance, toughness and fatigue properties are several times that of ordinary concrete of the same grade. 

Steel fiber such as glued steel fiber has been widely used in engineering fields such as highways, airports, bridges and buildings. 

A large number of engineering practices have proved that steel fiber reinforced concrete of our steel wire company greatly improves the crack resistance, wear-resistance and durability of bridge deck pavement, and prolongs the service life of bridges.

Using steel fiber reinforced concrete as bridge deck pavement has an obvious effect on reducing bridge deck pavement diseases and has good economic benefits.

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