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Steel Fiber For RPC&UHPC

Micro Steel fiber for RPC

Copper-plated microfilament steel fiber is an important part of reactive powder concrete. RPC is a new material with ultra-high strength, high toughness, high durability and good volume stability. 

It is a high-tech concrete with composite materials and fiber-reinforced materials. Copper clad steel antenna wire is mainly used in high-speed railway, RPC cover plate and important engineering components.

The application of steel fiber in engineering structures can solve the shortcomings of current high-strength and high-performance concrete, such as insufficient tensile strength, high brittleness and poor volume stability, and can also solve the problems of high investment, poor fire resistance and easy corrosion of steel structures.

Copper coated micro steel fiber for UHPC

Copper-plated microfilament steel fiber is made of high-strength copper-plated steel wire, which is one of the most important materials of RPC and UHPC of steel fiber manufacturer. UHPC has high strength and toughness, excellent durability and volume stability. 

It is an excellent new building material. Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete structure, the life of the UHPC structure can be multiplied. At present, it is widely used in high-speed railways, expressways, RPC covers and UHPC buildings.

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