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Wide Application of Micro Copper Coated Steel Fiber

1. About micro copper coated steel fiber

The wide application of micro-copper-plated steel fiber has exceeded people's expectations, has had a huge impact on the construction industry, and directly promoted the upgrading of construction technology and economic development. The product has high shear, bending and tensile properties with low shrinkage, can effectively prevent cracks, and it is easy to stir. To separate the waterproof layer from the leveling layer and reduce the impact of shrinkage and temperature stress, a certain amount of expansion agent was added to the copper microwire steel fiber concrete to achieve good results.

Copper coated steel wire, produced by concrete fiber suppliers, is one of the most commonly used building materials. If the micro copper coated steel fiber can be evenly mixed in the concrete, the crack resistance will be greatly improved. The durability, abrasion resistance, and frost resistance of concrete will be greatly improved due to the addition of fibers, and it is especially suitable for freezing and cold environments. The amount of fiber added should not be too much. Adding 1% to 2% is the industry standard. Generally, the median value, 1.5% is added.

2. Wide application of micro copper coated steel fiber

The copper coated steel wire can be used not only for the construction of highways and bridges but also for crack prevention in residential projects. This is very useful for the use of polypropylene fibers. The node is the transmission center of the frame beam and column, and it is also the weak link of the frame. Under the action of an earthquake, many steel fibers for concrete frame joints were damaged to varying degrees. The seismic problem of joints has attracted the attention of the engineering community. In traditional reinforcement methods, to improve the seismic strength and ductility of reinforced concrete nodes, a large number of stirrups need to be set at the nodes, but the construction of node stirrups is difficult. The overcrowding of steel bars at the joints also affects the quality of concrete pouring. Concrete fiber solutions instead of some stirrups in the frame part can effectively solve this problem.

The copper coated steel wire is evenly distributed in the concrete and is not exposed or exposed. It can effectively save the use of concrete and replace ordinary steel. It plays a very important role in our lives. The micro copper coated steel fiber can effectively prevent the expansion of micro-cracks and the formation of macroscopic gaps in concrete, and significantly improve the tensile, bending, impact, and shear properties of concrete. Good malleability has played a win-win role for both parties. Compared with ordinary concrete, the tensile strength, flexural strength, and shear strength of micro copper coated steel fiber concrete has been improved to a certain extent. The compressive strength is small, usually between 0 and 25%, but the compressive toughness is greatly improved.