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What Special Effects Are Produced when Steel Fiber is Combined with Concrete?

1. What special effects are produced when steel fiber is combined with concrete?

The steel fiber is subjected to high heat and cooling during processing, which is equivalent to a quenched state. Therefore, the hardness of the steel fiber is high and the bending state generally does not appear when the concrete is mixed. The hook-shaped steel fiber allows for more effective adhesion to concrete. When cracked steel fiber reinforced concrete components in a humid environment, the concrete at the crack is easy to carbonize. Once there is water, moisture will penetrate into the steel fiber and rust will occur, which not only affects the strength of the steel fiber reinforced concrete but also greatly shortens the life. The bonding between the steel fiber reinforced concrete and the body is physical and mainly transmitted by the frictional shear force. The quality of steel fiber reinforced concrete highlights the importance of adhesion. The properties of steel fiber are very different due to different preparation methods, but they are suitable for the production of heat-resistant fibers. The role of steel fiber is to strengthen concrete. In order to increase the interface bonding between fibers and mortar or concrete, various shapes of steel fibers can be selected, and their cross-sections will be different according to different applications. The cross-sectional size changes alternately along the length. With the continuous improvement of the steel fiber production process, it can provide more and better products for consumers.

2. The application of steel fiber is extensive

The steel fiber is a high-strength concrete reinforcement widely used in the construction industry in the world today. The advantages of steel fiber reinforced concrete, strong impact resistance, high wear resistance, and good affinity with cement, which can enhance the strength of components and prolong life. Steel fiber reinforced concrete has played a very important role in urban construction, and its unique advantages have also been recognized by people.

At present, many high-rise buildings use modern technology and advanced equipment in the construction process. The steel fiber reinforced concrete is widely used, and steel fiber not only has low cost but also has high strength, wear resistance, impact resistance, and tensile strength. With the characteristics of corrosion resistance, steel fiber is the future trend of construction. Keeping up with the development of the times, steel fiber reinforced concrete has the advantages of good toughness, tensile strength, bending resistance, shear resistance, fatigue resistance, erosion resistance, explosion resistance, and control of cracks and deformation. The compressive performance of the steel fiber is very important, such as the construction of roadbeds and avenues, etc. The function of the steel fiber is to strengthen the strength of concrete and is widely used in road paving. There are many types of steel fibers, which are also changed according to the market demand. The main properties include tensile strength and bonding strength. This is one of the most commonly used building materials, which can well meet our needs.