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What is the Repair Function of Steel Fiber? How to Use and Maintain It?

1. What is the repair function of steel fibers used in concrete?

Steel fiber is a high-strength concrete reinforcement widely used in the construction industry in the world today. Compared with ordinary concrete, the concrete mixed with steel fiber can be as high as 30-100 meters apart for highway expansion joints, and the distance between expansion joints in airport runways can be as high as 30 meters. The road surface and bridge deck are repaired, and the thickness of the surface is only 3 to 5 centimeters. Under high load, railway engineering vibrates tens of thousands of times with the high speed, so that the concrete has high strength, high impact resistance, and greater plasticity.

Inspection of steel fiber mixture: by checking the workability of the mixture, it can directly reflect the quality of the construction quality control of the mixture. If there are large fluctuations in the slump or maintaining consistency of the mixture as well as cohesion and water retention, it is usually caused by the wrong batching of the mixture or the large fluctuation in the moisture content of the sand and gravel. Because the workability of the mixture is often checked at the discharge port of the mixer, it is an important part of the quality control of steel fiber construction.

2. Why does steel fiber need to be stirred?

In the process of using steel fibers used in concrete, stirring is a very important part, which determines all the physical and chemical properties of the final steel fiber. Therefore, stirring must be carried out in a scientific way to maximize the performance of the steel fiber and make it meet and even exceed the design requirements. In the use of general steel fiber machines, there are no more than two ways of it, manual mixing and machine mixing. Manual mixing is generally used in small repair projects, and the total amount of concrete will not be too much. Steel fiber has been well used in coastal areas and the erosion of seawater in coastal areas is more serious, so steel fiber products will definitely be used in construction projects in coastal areas.

3. The use and maintenance of steel fiber

When the steel fiber reinforced concrete is damaged, most of it is because the steel fiber wire is pulled out rather than broken. Therefore, improving the bond strength between the steel fiber and the matrix is one of the main controlling factors to improve the reinforcement effect of the steel fiber. The compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength, impact strength, toughness, impact toughness, and other properties of concrete added with steel fibers have been greatly improved.

After the steel fiber is put into the concrete, the transverse connection between the fiber monofilaments is torn by the impact of the coarse aggregate during the mixing process to form the fiber monofilament. It can be used for anti-cracking, anti-seepage, strengthening and toughening projects of concrete. Steel fiber cannot replace structural reinforcements or reduce the size of the main structure. It cannot be used to solve settlement, hydration heat of mass concrete and strong external impact.