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We Can't Live Without Steel Fiber

Our lives are inseparable from steel fiber. For example, there are steel fibers on the roadbed of roads and road construction. The role of steel fiber is to strengthen the overall performance of concrete and it is widely used in road paving projects. There are many types of fibers, which also change based on market needs. And the main properties include tensile strength and bond strength. So far, steel fiber has become one of the most commonly used building materials, which can meet the needs of construction projects well.

1. Continuous improvement of steel fiber technology and performance

Steel fiber reinforced concrete produced by concrete fiber manufacturers is a mixture made by adding fibers to viscous hardened cement mortar. The fiber redistributes the stress in the concrete and inhibits the formation and spread of cracks, making it a steel fiber reinforced concrete that can maintain residual stress after cracking and is more flexible. The fiber's anti-bending and dismantling function: the fiber should be able to withstand the continuous bending and dismantling of a steel rod with a diameter of 3mm by 90°, and each batch of inspections shall not be less than 10; it is suitable for alkali-resistant stainless steel fiber as the main reinforcement material, sulfoaluminate cement or Ferro-aluminate cement or Portland cement is the cementing material and is the base material, and the stainless steel fiber reinforcement non-load-bearing external wall panel is made by direct injection process or premix injection process. To test whether the toughness of the steel fiber shotcrete meets the design requirements, some specifications adopt the "template" method, that is, after determining the size of the fiber concrete test piece, the toughness test curve is specified. If the actual test curve can include the above curve, it is considered that the toughness of steel fiber reinforced concrete meets the design requirements. The mixing and construction steps of steel fiber concrete are the same as ordinary concrete. And there is no additional equipment. The product's service life is prolonged, the comprehensive cost-effectiveness is high, and the social benefits are obvious.

2. Our life cannot be separated from the steel fiber

Nowadays, the construction industry is in full swing. The scale and progress of construction projects are gradually increasing, and the progress is also accelerating, and the requirements for project quality are also increasing. If simply relying on the traditional process products and raw materials, it can not meet the needs of the current social construction projects, and the concrete fiber solutions meet this demand of engineering to a large extent. The difference between steel fiber reinforced concrete and ordinary concrete is obvious. It can make the surface layer thinner, update the running function of the road surface, extend the service life of the road surface, lower costs and shorten the construction period.

With the continuous improvement of steel fiber technology and performance, the application of various concrete admixtures has improved many properties of freshly mixed and hardened concrete and promoted the development of new concrete technologies. It is very beneficial to resource conservation and environmental protection. It has gradually become the essential component of high-quality concrete. At the same time, the uniqueness of steel fiber makes itself more and more popular.