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The Use of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete After Adding Steel Fiber

1. The use characteristics of steel fiber reinforced concrete after adding steel fiber

The addition of steel fibers to steel fiber reinforced concrete can effectively hinder the expansion of micro-cracks and the formation of macro-cracks in the concrete, and significantly improve the tensile, flexural, impact and fatigue resistance of concrete. The addition of waterproofing agent to the steel fiber reinforced concrete has the advantages of moisture resistance, crack resistance, wear resistance, etc., and plays a good role in waterproofing and moistureproofing of basements and civil air defense projects. After steel fiber steel fiber is used for concrete, the strength will be far better than before. By changing the shape, the performance of the steel fiber can be enhanced, and the strength of the steel fiber reinforced concrete matrix after the steel fiber is added can be changed. It is a very common method of producing and processing steel fibers.

2. How to use steel fiber most correctly?

Steel fiber plays an important role in urban construction, and its unique advantages have also been recognized by people. At present, many high-rise buildings use modern technology and advanced equipment in the construction process, especially steel fibers are widely used, and the steel fibers used in concrete are not only low-cost, but also have high strength, wear resistance, impact resistance, and tensile properties. Due to the characteristics of corrosion, steel fiber is the future trend of construction. Keeping up with the development of the times, the steel fiber has good toughness, tensile strength, bending resistance, shear resistance, fatigue resistance, erosion resistance, explosion resistance and control of cracks and deformation.

The compressive strength of steel fibers has little effect. It has been proved by experiments that when the steel fibers are damaged, the fibers are pulled out from the concrete instead of breaking. Therefore, improving the adhesion between the matrix and the steel fibers has become the main goal of improving the mechanical properties of the steel fibers. The main function of the uniform, disorderly and chaotically distributed short fibers in the steel fibers is to hinder the expansion of micro-cracks in the concrete and prevent the occurrence of macro-cracks. The rough and clean surface of steel fiber can be firmly combined with the cement paste in concrete, which is the fundamental reason why steel fiber can improve various functions of concrete. First put the sand and stones into the hopper, while the rotating sand and stones are put into the hopper, evenly mix the steel fibers (steel fibers are best mixed on the stones), then add cement, and then put the sand in the hopper, Stones, steel fibers, and cement are hoisted into the mixing table for mixing. First dry mix for 2 minutes, add water, and mix for 2 minutes. Then put the evenly stirred steel fibers into the carriage, transport, water, and lay them down. Spread with wiping, evenly thickness.