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The Constituent Material of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

1. Introduction of steel fiber reinforced concrete 

Steel fiber reinforced concrete is a new type of multi-phase composite material formed by mixing random steel fibers in ordinary concrete. These chaotically distributed steel fibers can effectively hinder the expansion of micro-cracks and the formation of macro-cracks in concrete, significantly improve the tensile, flexural, impact and fatigue resistance of concrete, and have good ductility.


2. Steel fiber reinforced concrete constituent materials


Steel fiber reinforced concrete is composed of steel fiber. The reinforcing effect of steel fiber is related to the length, diameter (or equivalent diameter), aspect ratio and surface shape of steel fiber; 

Cement is a kind of cementing material in steel fiber reinforced concrete, mixed with water to synthesize cement slurry, has a high bonding force, cements sand, stone and steel fiber into a whole, and after setting and hardening, it forms a steel fiber reinforced concrete with a certain strength. 

Sand, also known as fine aggregate, is used to fill the voids of coarse aggregates such as gravel or gravel and at the same time form the skeleton of steel fiber reinforced concrete. 

Stone, crushed stone or pebbles are the framework materials that make up steel fiber reinforced concrete, often called coarse aggregates. The stone used for steel fiber reinforced concrete is usually crushed stone. Because the particle surface of the crushed stone is relatively rough and rich in edges and corners, it can produce good mechanical interlocking effect and has a strong bonding force with the cement slurry. 

Water, all potable water and clean natural water can be used for the preparation of steel fiber reinforced concrete of steel fiber manufacturer. Because seawater has a corrosive effect on steel fibers, it is generally not allowed to mix steel fiber reinforced concrete with sea water. Additives, in the mixing process of steel fiber reinforced concrete, in order to improve the workability of the mixture, reduce the amount of cement or increase the strength, a certain amount of additives can be mixed. 

In addition, a certain amount of mixed materials such as fly ash or silica fume can also be mixed into the steel fiber reinforced concrete to improve the workability of the mixture, save the amount of cement and increase the strength.