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Technical and Economic Advantages of Steel Fiber

Steel fiber is an ideal reinforcement material for concrete and has become the most popular composite engineering material. Steel fiber concrete is much better than ordinary concrete in tensile strength, impact resistance, crack resistance, shear resistance, abrasion resistance, fatigue strength, and freeze-thaw resistance. Steel fiber products with ultra-high strength, such as steel fiber, end-hook steel fiber, cement steel fiber, are favored everywhere for their excellent performance, economy, and ease of construction. They have been widely used in urban infrastructure, factory building structure and high-speed railway construction.

Ⅰ. Technical advantages of steel fiber

The technical advantages of steel fiber are:

1. Steel fiber technology has high flexural and tensile, shear and impermeability properties. 

2. Steel fiber technology has a low shrinkage rate, which can effectively prevent shrinkage cracks. 

3. Steel fiber technology can improve the impact resistance of structural products with high fracture toughness. 

4. The steel fiber technology of our steel fiber company has good workability and is evenly and effectively distributed in the concrete without agglomeration or exposure.

Ⅱ. Economic advantages of steel fiber

The economic advantages of steel fiber are: 

1. Steel fiber such as hooked end steel fibre can reduce the amount of concrete under the same strength. 

2. Steel fiber can replace or partially replace steel bars. 

3. Steel fiber can shorten the construction period, which is especially suitable for larger projects requiring continuous and rapid concrete pouring. 

4. The mixing and construction of steel fiber is the same as ordinary concrete, no additional equipment is required. 

5. The life span of steel fiber products is prolonged, the comprehensive cost-effectiveness is high, and the social benefits are obvious.