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Stirring of Steel Fibers and Its Benefits to Pavement Maintenance

1. How to stir the steel fiber for longer duration?

During the use of the steel fiber machine, stirring is a very important part, which determines all the physical and chemical properties of the final steel fiber reinforced concrete. Therefore, it is necessary to mix in a scientific way to maximize the performance of steel fiber reinforced concrete and make it meet and exceed the design requirements. Generally, you only need to try to mix the steel fiber and the concrete completely and evenly. In the process of mechanically mixing concrete, steel fiber products need to be added. Stirring can be done in the following order:

The general mixing plant is large or small, but the basic functions are the same, so the procedure for adding steel fibers should be basically the same. On the conveyor belt, the dry sand and stone are generally passed into the hopper first, according to the design at that time. The proportion is first handed into the mixing bucket. Add an appropriate amount of steel fiber to the dry material (the amount of steel fibers used in concrete added is based on the design requirements, see the use ratio for details).

When the sand, stone and steel fiber are all poured into the hopper, dry mixing can be carried out (remember not to add water), generally dry mixing for one to two minutes, and then add water (appropriate amount of water) for concrete mixing (please pay attention to Do not add too much water, otherwise the steel fibers are easy to agglomerate). After the mixed steel fiber cement concrete is loaded into the truck, it can be transported to the construction site for use. The paving process can use large-scale machinery or manual paving, which is the same as ordinary concrete paving. After the paving is completed, it must be vibrated and compacted with a compactor, without leaving bubbles or blisters, to ensure the solidity of the concrete. Finally, the concrete surface is leveled, both manually and mechanically. Be careful not to expose the steel fibers to the surface.

2. What are the benefits of steel fiber to the maintenance of pavement?

Plastic shrinkage occurs in the early stage of ordinary concrete, and the drying shrinkage is the most serious. Early maintenance is particularly important. Although the shrinkage resistance of steel fiber reinforced concrete is very good, it does not mean that the normal construction steps are not used. Mainly because its main material is still concrete, and steel fibers are only mixed in an appropriate amount. Therefore, doing a good job in the early maintenance of metal fiber concrete directly affects the quality of the project.

In order to expand the market of steel fiber, on the one hand, in the application, it should not only consider the one-time investment, but should consider the superior performance, lower maintenance cost and the effect of prolonging the service life of steel fiber reinforced concrete. On the other hand, efforts should be made to reduce the cost of steel fiber production and thus the cost of steel fiber reinforced concrete.