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Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete is a New Composite Material with Excellent Functions

1. The steel fibers for concrete reinforcement is important

If there is no steel fiber, then concrete cannot have such high strength. It is important to know that when using steel fiber products, the choice of cement is very important.

The use of steel fiber can approximately reduce the stress accumulation at the end of the fine gap caused by the load on the base concrete. Steel fiber reinforced concrete produced by steel fibre supplier appears as a new type of composite material with exquisite functions. Then control the expansion of the concrete gap to improve the crack resistance of the entire composite material.

2. Steel fiber is a new type of composite material that has emerged in response to people's increasing requirements for building materials

With the rapid development of construction projects, everyone's requirements for the project are getting higher and higher, so steel fibers for concrete reinforcement is a brand-new building material in the construction project. Compared with ordinary concrete, steel fibers for concrete reinforcement can not only make the surface layer thinner, increase the shrinkage joint distance, improve the use function of the pavement, and prolong the service life of the pavement, but also save the project cost and shorten the construction period.

Stirring is a very important part of the use of steel fiber products, which determines all the physical anhemical properties of the final steel fiber reinforced concrete such as hooked end steel fibre. Therefore, mixing must be carried out in a scientific way to maximize the performance of fiber concrete and make it meet and exceed the design requirements.

For the application of normal fiber, there are two types: manual mixing and machine mixing. Manual mixing is generally used in small repair projects, and the total volume of concrete is not too much. Therefore, it is generally only necessary to try to mix the fiber and concrete completely and evenly. In the process of mechanically mixing concrete, steel fiber products need to be added. Steel fiber reinforced concrete is a new type of multi-phase composite material formed by mixing short steel fibers distributed in random directions into ordinary concrete. It significantly improves the tensile, bending, impact, and fatigue resistance of concrete, and has good ductility. What's more, it is widely used in the construction of modern water conservancy and hydropower projects.