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Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Can Better Solve the Problem That Ordinary Concrete Cannot Solve

1. Steel fiber reinforced concrete

As the most widely used building material in the current era, concrete has the advantages of good bonding performance with steel bars. But everything has two sides. The shortcomings of concrete are high brittleness and low tensile strength, which also limit the wide application of engineering. Faced with this situation, steel fiber came into being, steel fiber reinforced concrete is an important means of concrete modification.

2. Steel fiber reinforced concrete can better solve the problem that ordinary concrete cannot solve

Steel fiber reinforced concrete can better solve the problems such as cracks and durability that are difficult to be solved by ordinary concrete, improve the use quality of bridge deck, and is also very beneficial to prolong the service life of bridge deck. It will be more widely used in the reinforcement and reconstruction of old highway bridges, bridge deck repair, and bridge defect repair. In the application of water storage, anti-seepage and water conveyance pipeline engineering, steel fiber reinforced concrete has high anti-erosion and anti-corrosion ability, so it can be used in spillway, stilling basin, sluice floor and other parts receiving high-speed water flow. Secondly, it also has good corrosion resistance, which can also be used in corrosive environments such as seawater. Steel fiber reinforced concrete has high tensile, flexural and shear strength, which can maintain the integrity of mountain slope protection projects.

Strength has always been the focus of attention of buildings. Steel fiber reinforced concrete has developed rapidly in recent years. The biggest role of steel fiber for concrete is to increase the strength of concrete. Its development directly affects the development of concrete industry. It is also widely used. It is a new type of composite material. Steel fiber can improve the adhesion at a large level, which is also of great significance and role for the development of the construction industry.

When using steel fiber, it is not allowed to use seawater mechanical stirring, otherwise its quality will be greatly affected. During construction, must pay attention to the correct mixing method, can also add some waterproofing agent in it, which has great benefits to improve the quality of products. The addition of fiber into concrete can effectively hinder the expansion of micro cracks and the formation of macro cracks in concrete, and significantly improve the tensile, bending, impact and fatigue resistance of concrete. Steel fiber reinforced concrete has the advantages of moistureproof, crack resistance and wear resistance, which plays a good role in waterproof and moistureproof of basement and civil air defense engineering, and can also be used in underground water pump waterproof.