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Steel Fiber Has High Performance and Value

1. Steel fiber has high performance and value

With the continuous growth of the economy, the rapid development of construction materials has also undergone a reform. For some small and medium-sized construction projects, the national standardization requirements of the entire expansion joint device may not yet be met, but in large buildings, we need to master many aspects when dealing with building expansion joints. Because only a full understanding can help us better deal with the design and construction. Steel fiber also plays the role of steel fiber. In the same building, the two can be combined, but expansion joint steel fiber cannot replace steel fiber. The steel fibers in the reinforced concrete frame structure usually adopt the double-column cantilever beam or the simply supported beam. The steel fiber waterstop must be installed with drainage.

When steel fiber reinforced concrete is used for highway pavement, airport pavement, or other structures with flexural tensile strength as the design index, the classification and application range of the design value of flexural tensile strength of collective concrete corresponding to steel fiber reinforced concrete can be adopted according to the current industrial design specifications for cement concrete pavement, airport pavement and so on. The properties of steel fibers are very different due to different preparation methods, but they are suitable for the production of heat-resistant fibers. The role of steel fibers is to strengthen concrete. In order to increase the interface bonding between fibers and mortar or concrete, various shapes of steel fibers can be selected, and their cross-sections will be different according to different applications. The cross-sectional size changes alternately along the length. With the continuous improvement of the steel fiber production process, it can provide more and better products for consumers.

2. How to prolong the service life of steel fiber?

Due to the relatively large amount of use, the later maintenance of steel fiber reinforced concrete is the top priority, and the use of steel fiber will greatly reduce the use in this regard. Steel fiber reinforced concrete has high flexural tensile, shear and impermeability properties and low shrinkage rate, which can effectively prevent shrinkage cracks. To improve the impact resistance of structural products, with high fracture toughness, good workability, evenly and effectively distributed in concrete, no agglomeration, no exposure.

Economic advantage of steel fiber: Concrete consumption can be saved under the same strength. Can replace or partially replace reinforcement. It can shorten the construction period, especially suitable for larger projects that require continuous and rapid pouring of concrete. Steel fiber reinforced concrete has the same mixing and construction as ordinary concrete, no need to add equipment, the product life is prolonged, the comprehensive cost-effectiveness is high, and the social benefits are obvious.

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