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Steel Fiber Concrete: the Backbone of a Solid Building

1. Importance of the steel fiber

With the rapid development of the economy now, the construction industry has also become a big industry. Steel fiber and other building materials must be technically professional in the implementation of reinforcement. This requires good steel fiber machinery to produce high-quality steel fiber. Steel fiber machinery is a kind of utility model which involves a kind of equipment for cutting steel plate into steel fiber. 

It consists of frame, shaft, bearing and bearing seat, cutter head, motor, belt pulley and so on of steel fiber company. Incorporating steel fiber products into ordinary concrete, it has good tensile, shear, compressive, flexural, crack-resistant, shock-proof, anti-seepage, and explosion-proof properties. The construction cost is basically the same as that of ordinary concrete, and the service life can be increased to over several decades, the maintenance frequency is small, and there are significant social and economic benefits.

Steel fiber is the latest development of contemporary international concrete technology, and steel fiber reinforced concrete is the fastest growing in recent years. The most widely used new concrete composite material. Incorporating a small amount of steel fibers for concrete can produce qualitative changes in the physical and mechanical properties of concrete and greatly improve the crack resistance of concrete. Impact resistance and toughness, etc., make concrete change from traditional low tensile and brittle materials to high strength and toughness materials, so it can be widely used in concrete structure projects such as ports, civil construction, tunnels, water conservancy, transportation, mining, metallurgy and chemical industry.

2. Common maintenance methods of steel fiber concrete

The most commonly used curing method for steel fiber is the plastic film curing method, that is, after the concrete slab is finished, the pancreatic juice such as vinyl chloride is evenly sprayed to form an air-tight film to maintain the moisture of the concrete in the film, and moisturize and maintain. But note that perchlorovinyl resin is a toxic and flammable product and should be kept properly. When selecting an old cement concrete pavement repair plan, it is necessary to consider driving requirements and economic requirements, and choose an economical and feasible method according to local conditions.