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Steel Fiber Concrete Adapts to the Trend of Social Development

1. Steel fiber concrete adapts to the development trend of the society

With the vigorous development of construction, steel fiber concrete has become a new type of concrete building composite material that has developed rapidly in recent years. In order to meet the needs of the market, Schmitt Metal has developed and produced different types of steel fibers according to the requirements of the market and customers. Steel fiber has the advantages of compression resistance, bending resistance, and strong shear resistance. Moreover, it does not fade, the price is low, and it is not easy to lose. It is an ideal municipal material for rural roads, high-end residential quarters, squares, parks and so on. Steel fiber can be matched with various styles to achieve ideal aesthetics and design effects. Whether in high-rise buildings or railway bridge projects, steel fiber concrete is used.

As a new type of composite material with excellent performance, steel fiber concrete has appeared more and more in people's lives and has been widely used.

2. The advantages of steel fiber concrete

The use of steel fiber can greatly reduce the stress convergence at the end of the fine gap caused by the load on the base concrete, thereby controlling the expansion of the concrete gap and enhancing the crack resistance of the entire composite material. So this kind of product is becoming more and more popular among steel fiber suppliers. The compaction and smoothing of the steel fiber concrete must be finished before the initial setting of the concrete, and the surface finishing should be carried out in time, preferably after the concrete is poured, and the steel fiber such as hooked steel fiber should not be exposed on the surface of the finished concrete. For products with densely reinforced beams, small diameter vibrating rods should be used as much as possible. For places where steel bars are very dense, steel rods should be used, which can be more dense. And pay attention to the time when vibrating, not too long, so as to avoid quality problems. During construction, avoid sunlight, rain, and wind to ensure the best results.

3. Steel fiber concrete is not only used in construction projects

Because steel fiber concrete has strong crack resistance, great toughness, high impact resistance, and fatigue resistance, high tensile and bending strength, it is widely used in roads, airports, bridges, hydraulics, ports, railways, mines, tunnels, military and self-built housing projects, and other fields. Steel fiber is a very useful product in daily life, and it can be seen in many places. The steel fiber concrete is a new type of multiphase composite material formed by mixing random steel fibers in ordinary concrete. It can significantly improve the tensile, flexural, impact and fatigue properties of concrete. Good ductility. It is widely used in the construction of modern water conservancy and hydropower projects. Therefore, steel fiber concrete has very good applications in construction engineering, and they are all very successful. It is precisely because of this that the market for this product has become so hot.