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Steel Fiber Can Effectively Solve the Problem of Wear-resistant Floor Cracking

Ⅰ. Steel fiber can effectively solve the problem of wear-resisting floor cracking

In the use of wear-resisting floor, there will be different degrees of surface cracking phenomenon due to various factors, which will affect the integrity and strength of the floor.

For cracked wear-resisting floors, what we need is to know why the floor cracked and how to solve it. Steel fiber can effectively solve the cracking problem of wear-resisting floor.

1. Reasons for wear-resisting floor cracking

(1) During the construction of the wear-resisting floor, uneven mixing of materials and wrong mixing ratio will makes the concrete structure insufficient in strength, and finally cause the wear-resisting surface to crack under the action of internal pressure.

(2) When the floor is divided into grids, if the spacing is too large, and if there is a lack of management in the process of vibrating the concrete, vibration will appear to be uncompacted.

(3) The wear-resisting surface layer is not sufficiently rubbed and polished in accordance with the design requirements or corresponding standards, and there is no targeted floor maintenance in the later stage.

2. Measures to solve wear-resisting floor cracking

(1) Stress release: the stress in the steel fiber reinforced concrete must be completely released before crack treatment. By re-cutting the floor, the stress can be relieved, and the re-cutting process should start from uncracked floor to the high-density cracked part gradually to prevent the expansion of concrete cracks. And the addition of steel fiber can exactly prevent stress concentration.

(2) Clean up the bases: clean up the base of cracked grassroots with corresponding tools and means in order to provide convenience for subsequent construction.

(3) Dense grouting: grouting is the key procedure. The grouting position needs to be determined, according to the actual cracking situation. The grouting point should be appropriately selected and the surrounding dust should also be cleaned up.

(4) Then, use an air pump to press water into the cracked part of the concrete floor to moisten it and improve its degree of bonding with the grout. Next step is to mix water with the corresponding glue and later the mixture should be injected into the cracks.

(5) Finally, use hand mixer to prepare the cement, and use an air pump to evenly press the cement slurry which has been filtered by the filter into the pre-buried PVC pipe until the cracks overflow with the cement slurry. After that, use the corresponding polishing machine to treat the cracked surface to keep the floor flat and beautiful as a whole.

Most of the problems of wear-resisting floor cracking are caused by construction quality problem. Therefore, the construction work of wear-resisting floor shall be executed in accordance with the standard practice.

Ⅱ. The role of steel fiber

Concrete is a kind of brittle material. Although it has high hardness, it is prone to cracking over time. The emergence of steel fiber such as glued steel fiber can solve the problem of concrete cracking, preventing it from cracking, and can also control the expansion of cracks and strengthen concrete. The compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength, impact strength, toughness, impact toughness and other properties of concrete with steel fiber have been greatly improved.

The addition of steel fiber is a good anti-cracking solution considering the long-term durability and aesthetics concerns for the floor project.