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Some Knowledge About Steel Fiber

1. Steel fiber can control cracks in concrete structures

Once the concrete cracks, brittle failure will occur. After the steel fiber is used for reinforcement treatment, the tensile strength of the concrete is lower. Steel fiber can control the development of cracks, transmit tensile stress, and cause stress redistribution, thereby increasing the strength of concrete after cracking and making concrete have considerable bending toughness. Compared with plain concrete, steel fiber concrete can still bear the load after deformation. 

For some small projects, such as repairing walls and ground leaks and holes, hand-mixing steel fiber concrete can be used. As these places don't use too much concrete, this method can be used. As long as you pay attention to adding water appropriately, you can mix the steel fibers evenly. As for machine mixing, of course it is used in medium and large projects. Generally, sand and gravel and materials are added to the mixing hopper in a certain proportion, and then an appropriate amount of steel fiber is added, and then dry mixing is carried out for a period of time, usually 12 minutes. Then add water to stir, and pave it after stirring.

2. The impact of the release of steel fiber

In addition to its own quality, the quality of coagulation is often affected by the condition of its steel fibers. For steel fiber weighing, the allowable deviation is within 2%. The loading capacity of the steel fiber mixer should be controlled to 85% of the capacity of the truck. When feeding, it is advisable to put the aggregate and steel fiber into the mixer according to the construction ratio, and force the mixing for two to three minutes to allow the steel fiber and aggregate to be fully integrated. Mix. Then add water and stir for three to five minutes, and check whether the steel fiber is evenly stirred. If the steel fibers are bonded together, stirring should be continued until the steel fibers are completely dispersed into single fibers. It is best to use a horizontal double-shaft forced mixer for mixing steel fiber silicon. For more specific information, you can ask steel fiber suppliers. When the fiber-silicon mixing tanker is transported to the construction site, it should be used after speeding up the rotation for 2 to 3 minutes, and check for clumping.

3.  Do a good job in the early care of steel fiber

Better care can produce better products. Many products produced require care. So have you heard about the early care of steel fiber? If you don't know, you should pay attention from now on. Incorporating it into ordinary concrete is to enhance the crack resistance and not reduce the shrinkage of the concrete. The plastic shrinkage of ordinary concrete is the most serious in the early stage, so the early curing is particularly important. Although the shrinkage resistance of steel fiber concrete is very good, it does not mean that it is not operated according to the normal construction method. Because its main material is concrete, steel fiber is only mixed in a small amount. Therefore, the early maintenance of steel fiber concrete directly affects the quality of the project.