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Is It Necessary to Use Steel Fiber?

1. The necessity of using steel fiber

At present, the demand for new mold products in the society is very huge. If the steel fiber wants to be exquisite, it needs to have a beautiful appearance, and if it wants to pursue perfect quality, it must require a strong mold quality such as fineness and precision. Our factory has been paying attention to product quality for a long time. And new technology research and development, our factory developed a new type of environmentally friendly steel fiber. Steel fiber conforms to the concept of ecological sustainable development and is worthy of popularization and application. Decision-making must be based on relevant scientific research, and ecological functions, engineering functions and safety functions should be considered equally. Steel fiber concrete is also constantly improving. The application of various concrete admixtures improves many properties of freshly mixed and hardened concrete, promotes the development of new concrete technologies, helps save resources and protect the environment, and has gradually become essential for high-quality concrete. the fifth component. The important properties of steel fiber are that the surface is smooth and the adhesion is not strong. The effect with concrete has a certain range.

Steel fiber is to add a certain proportion of heat-resistant stainless steel fiber to ordinary refractory castables to increase the high temperature resistance, wear resistance and anti-stripping performance of steel fiber in use. Usually steel fiber is used in various metallurgy, building materials and circulating flow For the high-temperature parts and easy-wear parts of the chemical bed boiler, add appropriate proportions of steel fibers according to the high-temperature and wear-resistant capabilities of these parts. The castable after adding steel fibers can effectively improve the high-temperature resistance and wear-resistant performance of the used parts, greatly improving utilization and efficiency.

2. Steel fiber expands urban road construction

Steel fiber has obvious engineering performance, which can greatly improve the crack resistance, wear resistance, flexural strength and demolition strength, impact resistance and fatigue resistance, impermeability of concrete, especially the toughening of high-strength concrete, because of different processing and production methods, it is divided into melting type, wire drawing cutting type, shearing type and cutting type. Steel fiber reinforced concrete is a new type of construction product, which significantly improves the bending, tensile, impact and fatigue properties of concrete. In addition, using the many advantages of steel fibers, various products can also be produced, such as steel fiber manhole covers to ensure product quality, improve the performance of steel fibers, improve the shape of fibers, increase the friction between the fibers and the matrix and bite force. Improving the bond strength between the fiber and the matrix is one of the main control factors to improve the fiber reinforcement effect. Using this product has many advantages, such as no need for anti-corrosion treatment, prevention of electrolysis and accelerated corrosion, less dust, construction safety, etc.