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Indispensable Steel Fiber for Urban Road Safety Construction

1. Steel fiber products are indispensable for urban road safety construction

As a new type of composite material with excellent properties, steel fiber has appeared in front of people and has been widely used. From the perspective of the use direction of steel fiber, it has not only been used on the road, but also has achieved considerable achievements in the use of coastal areas. Because steel fibers can not only effectively strengthen tensile, shear, and crack resistance, but also have excellent performance in corrosion resistance. The biggest feature of steel fibers is that it can ensure good tensile strength, elongation after break, and shrinkage of section, and has strict requirements on the control of the smelting process. In the future, there will be great development in technology.

Steel fibers not only have the inherent intrinsic properties of carbon materials but also have the soft processability of textile fibers. They are a new generation of reinforcing fibers. Steel fiber is a microcrystalline graphite material obtained by the carbonization and graphitization of organic fibers. The microstructure of steel fibers used in concrete is similar to artificial graphite, which is a turbostratic graphite structure. Steel fiber composite material is a new type of material developed along with the military industry, which belongs to high-tech products. Steel fiber composites have a series of excellent properties: high specific strength, high specific modulus, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, creep resistance, small electrical conductivity, small heat transfer coefficient, small thermal expansion coefficient, etc. Steel fiber composites can both carry loads as a structural material and function as a functional material.

2. How to realize the special function of steel fiber?

Steel fiber can not only thin the surface layer, improve the utilization performance of the pavement, and increase the life of the pavement, but also save costs and shorten the construction period. The emergence of steel fibers is to solve the increasingly severe road damage situation. People have economic foundations, and more and more people drive, and the burden on the road surface is increasing. For the damaged cement concrete road surface, it is necessary to renovate the road surface. The investment is huge and the construction period is long, which affects traffic and pedestrian travel.

The emergence of steel fiber can solve this problem very well. It provides workers with new concrete fiber solutions. As a new type of composite material, it has been widely used quickly, which can effectively control the gap of concrete and improve the crack resistance of the entire composite material. The use of steel fibers in concrete can not only make up for the brittleness of traditional building materials, but also improve various technical indicators, optimize project quality, and save a lot of steel, cement, and manpower; in addition, the operation method is simpler and faster. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the work, the total cost of the project is greatly reduced. Therefore, the accuracy of its dosage has an inescapable responsibility for the quality of the project.