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How to Enhance the Working Performance of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete?

Steel fiber can enhance the tensile strength and crack resistance of the pavement, and can greatly increase the quality of the project. The product has good ductility, wear resistance, strong hardness, and high material toughness. It is characterized by a small layout, but it is planned to have a variety of layouts, such as migration changes, twists, triangles, and anchor tails. The main purpose of concrete is to combine well with cement, sand and gravel in concrete, and a good combination will naturally lead to good results and performance. The main function of the product is to prevent the expansion of micro-cracks in concrete and prevent the occurrence and development of macro-cracks. As a professional concrete fiber supplier of steel fiber wire, SDS has a lot of experience in how to enhance the working performance of steel fiber rainforeced concrete.

1. The performance enhancement of steel fiber reinforced concrete

Most of the damage of steel fiber reinforced concrete is that the fibers are pulled out instead of being shortened. Therefore, improving the bonding strength of fibers and concrete is the main control factor to improve the fiber reinforcement effect. There are three methods: one is to increase the bonding length of the fiber, that is, the slenderness ratio, but it should not be too long. The second is to improve the bonding properties of concrete to steel fibers. The third is to improve the shape of the fiber and increase the frictional resistance and occlusal force between the fiber and the concrete. The mixture of steel fiber reinforced concrete is made up of cement, water, coarse and fine aggregate, steel fiber wire and chemical admixtures or admixtures if necessary, and prepared according to a certain proportion.

The compaction and troweling of the steel fiber concrete must be completed before the initial setting of the concrete, and the surface finishing should be carried out in time, preferably after the concrete is poured. For the products of densely reinforced beams, a small diameter vibrator should be used, and for places where the reinforcement is very dense, a reinforcement rod should be used, which can be more compact. And pay attention to the time when vibrating, not too long, so as to avoid quality problems. When using steel fiber during construction, avoid sun exposure, rain and wind, so as to ensure the maximum effect.

The surface of the steel fiber is roughened and the cross-section is irregular. When the steel fiber is rapidly cooled in the air, the surface shrinks unevenly and becomes rough, and some sections also shrink into a crescent shape to increase the contact area with the substrate. The purpose of roughening the surface of the steel fibers for concrete can be achieved by using the melting and extraction method. Coating epoxy resin on its surface and surface micro-rust treatment, this measure is not as good as the previous measure on the improvement of interfacial bond strength, but it also has a certain strengthening effect.

2. The ratio of steel fiber reinforced concrete raw materials

The proportion of raw materials in steel fiber reinforced concrete should meet the following requirements: meet the strength and durability required by the project, and generally meet the requirements of compressive and tensile strength for construction projects. The workability of the prepared steel fiber reinforced concrete mixture should meet the construction requirements. It is economical and reasonable, and under the condition of meeting the engineering requirements, it can give full play to the reinforcing effect of steel fiber. Reasonably determine the amount of steel fiber and cement to reduce their costs.