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Different Shapes of Steel Fibers Have Different Functions

1. Why do steel fibres have various shapes?

There are many types and shapes of steel fibres on the market, such as corrugated ones, hooked end ones, ones with multiple anchor points, and milling ones. Why do businesses want to make steel fibres into various shapes? Today, an explanation will be given in detail on the different roles played by different shapes of steel fibres.

2. Different functions of different shapes of steel fibres

Steel fibre of our steel fiber company is an important industrial additive in engineering. In order to increase the strength of reinforced concrete, we will often add a large amount of steel fibres to increase the crack resistance and earthquake resistance of the concrete.

To achieve this goal, not only the performance and quality of steel fibre need to be improved, but also corresponding changes need to be made to its shape. By changing the shape of steel fibre, its performance can be changed as well.

By changing the shape, the chimeric capability between individual steel fibres can be stronger, so that the strength of steel fibre can be higher, making itself exert stronger adhesion, and it can also be better bonded with the concrete.

To change the shape of steel fibre, a pinch roller can be used to press a groove on the steel wire when the steel fibre is produced, so that the produced steel fibre has a better chimeric capability and can be better bonded with the concrete together, they can also be better embedded in steel fibre mass, thus greatly strengthening the strength of the concrete.

There is also a method of bending and pressing steel fibres into a water wave shape. This method is to use a pinch roller to press and bend the steel fibre into a water wave shape, which can make the chimeric capability of the steel fibre stronger and far better than the previous method, and the ability to strengthen the strength is even more needless to say.

Furthermore, there is a more important method, which is to press the steel fibre into a hooked end steel fiber. After adding the steel fibre, the strength will be far superior to the previous two methods.

By changing the shape, the performance of steel fibre can be enhanced, and the strength of the matrix with the steel fibre added can be changed. It is a very common method of producing and processing steel fibres.