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Development and Application of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

1. The development of steel fiber reinforced concrete

In the 21st century, concrete is the most widely used bulk construction material in human society. Compared with other building materials, it has the characteristics of wide materials, simple technology, strong compliance, and convenient construction. However, concrete materials have shortcomings such as large shrinkage, high brittleness, easy cracking, and low fracture toughness, which restricts the further growth of concrete.

With the substantial improvement of the compressive strength of cement-based materials, how to increase the properties of cement-based materials such as crack resistance, impact resistance, tensile strength and ductility has becomes a concern to the engineering community. Now the international community basically believes that steel fiber reinforced concrete is a useful measure to enhance the crack resistance and toughness of concrete. 

Composite is an important way to improve the performance of cement-based materials and steel fiber reinforcement is its focus. The technical idea of composite "super-superposition effect" is of great significance to the higher performance of concrete materials.

2. The application of steel fiber reinforced concrete

Since the 1970s, steel fiber reinforced cement-based composite materials have increasingly attracted widespread attention in the material and engineering industries. With the continuous deepening of research, new varieties have come out one after another, and are widely used in the field of engineering. The steel fiber of steel fiber manufacturer reinforced concrete is a new type of cement-based composite material that has been growing rapidly in the world. 

The steel fiber reinforced concrete has good tensile strength, crack and shrinkage resistance, and excellent impermeability and frost resistance, so it has a wide range of application in military, water conservancy, construction, airports, highways and other fields, which has now become one of the more researched and widely used cement-based composite materials. Incorporating steel fiber into the concrete base material is a useful way to improve the toughness and impact resistance of the concrete and restrain the plastic shrinkage and cracking of the mortar.