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Details of Steel Fibers Affect the Effect of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Steel fiber closely follows the development of the times and has become an inevitable trend in the future. The addition of waterproofing agent to the steel fiber reinforced concrete has the advantages of moisture resistance, crack resistance, wear resistance, etc., and plays a good role in waterproofing and moistureproofing of basements and civil air defense projects. It can also be used in underground water pump waterproofing, etc. Steel fiber reinforced concrete is a new type of multi-phase composite material formed by adding horizontally distributed short steel fibers into ordinary concrete. Significantly improves the tensile, flexural, impact and fatigue resistance properties of concrete, and has good ductility. Steel fiber closely follows the development of the times and has become an inevitable trend in the future.

1. The details of steel fiber determine the advantages of steel fiber reinforced concrete

The hardness of the steel fiber is mainly reflected in the fact that the steel fiber reinforced concrete does not show the phenomenon of bending during mixing, which affects the effect of reinforcement. The steel fibers used in concrete only need to be vibrated and compacted and isolated from the air, and generally will not show corrosion. However, near the surface of the concrete or when the crack width exceeds 0.25, the cracked steel fibers are prone to corrosion. Reinforcing concrete is an important factor in modification. Steel fiber plays a very good maintenance role. Because steel fiber is usually mixed into concrete, when the concrete is broken, the surface of the steel fiber has fine lines, which can play an effect of broken links, so as to play a better connection effect.

2. The role of steel fibers applied to different fields is also different

Steel fibers can control the development of cracks, transmit tensile stress, and generate stress redistribution, thereby improving the post-crack strength of concrete and making steel fiber reinforced concrete with considerable bending toughness. Compared with carbon concrete, steel fiber reinforced concrete can still bear the load after deformation. With the wide application of steel fiber, steel fiber reinforced concrete is also constantly improving. The application of various concrete admixtures improves many properties of freshly mixed and hardened concrete, promotes the development of new concrete technologies, and helps save resources and protect the environment. It has gradually become an indispensable fifth component of high-quality concrete. The tension properties of steel fibers are that the surface is lubricated and the adhesion is not strong. Compared with concrete, the effect has a certain scope. Therefore, it is necessary to break through its own category in order to seek eternal life. When the atmosphere cools rapidly, the surface becomes rough due to uneven shrinkage, and the cross section is also compressed into crescent shape. By adding the touch area with the substrate, the intention of surface roughness can be achieved by using the melting and pumping method.