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Construction Processes of Steel Reinforced Concrete

In the process of project construction, the use of new steel fiber reinforced concrete construction technology can not only effectively ensure the construction quality of the project, but also ensure the construction progress of the project, and ensure that the project is completed on time, with high quality. At the same time, in addition to the use of new steel fiber reinforced concrete construction technology, construction process such as engineering design, concrete mixing, pouring, joint treatment, forming and reinforcement are also indispensable.


1. Mixing construction of steel fiber reinforced concrete 


Scientific mixing methods and high-quality mixing are important guarantees for the quality of steel reinforced fiber concrete such as hooked end steel fiber. When mixing steel fiber reinforced concrete, the construction unit should choose a professional mixing machine for mixing, so that the dispersion force of the concrete can be well controlled and the mixing effect can be effectively improved. However, in this procedure, the order of feeding and mixing time are also very particular. Based on this, the construction unit should arrange for professional operators to supervise and operate the whole process, otherwise the quality of steel fiber reinforced concrete could be affected.


2. Pouring construction of steel fiber reinforced concrete 


In engineering construction, pouring construction is indispensable. During the pouring process, the construction personnel should control the speed of pouring and the distance of pouring. Under normal circumstances, the distance of pouring should be controlled at about 16cm, and the pouring must be guaranteed during the pouring process. Continuity, avoid interruption and affect the effect of pouring. 


3. Vibrating construction of steel fiber reinforced concrete


After the pouring is completed, the steel fiber reinforced concrete vibrating work is the next step. The vibrating effect directly affects the overall quality of the project construction. In order to ensure the vibrating effect, first of all, it is necessary to choose professional vibrating machinery and equipment, usually a flat vibrator is selected. 

Secondly, to control the distribution of concrete, it is required to ensure uniform distribution of concrete and improve compactness. Finally, we need a good work of smoothing the appearance of the concrete, and shovel the protruding concrete to ensure the beauty of the appearance.