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Comparison of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete and Traditional Concrete

1. Understand steel fiber reinforced concrete

Compared with traditional concrete, the performance of steel fiber reinforced concrete has been greatly improved, especially the high brittleness of concrete has been improved, so that concrete has stronger crack resistance and fracture resistance. It saves more costs and makes the project more stable and stable. Quality is the whole of the project. If the quality is insufficient, the project is prone to cracks or even collapses. Therefore, the intervention of steel fibers is required. Steel fiber reinforced concrete has strong crack resistance, thereby reducing the risk of the house in the later stage. Fiber can improve the crack resistance of the matrix, including external cracks and internal fine cracks. Steel fibers can effectively control it within a certain range, which is very safe.

When steel fiber reinforced concrete is used for highway pavement, airport pavement or other structures with flexural and tensile strength as design index, the classification and application scope of the design value of flexural and tensile strength of collective concrete corresponding to steel fiber reinforced concrete may be based on the existing relevant cement concrete. The provisions of the design specifications for road surfaces, airport pavements and other industries shall be adopted. The properties of steel fibers are very different due to different preparation methods, but they are suitable for the production of heat-resistant fibers. The role of steel fibers is to strengthen concrete. In order to increase the interface bonding between fibers and mortar or concrete, various shapes of steel fibers can be selected, and their cross-sections will be different according to different applications. With the continuous improvement of the steel fiber production process, it can provide consumers with more and better products.

2. Steel fiber makes concrete stronger

Steel fibers can make concrete more resistant and tougher, so that it can meet the needs of some specific projects, complete higher work strength and larger tasks. Pay attention to the uniform distribution of fibers when mixing, which is one of the ways to make fibers more effective. As long as the mixing is sufficient and uniform, its performance can be better enhanced. When the fiber is melted and pumped, it is rapidly quenched to form a crystalline structure, so that the steel fiber has stronger ductility and tensile strength. The fiber made in this way has strong crack resistance and is very stable inside, and it is difficult to generate internal cracks, adding this fiber to the concrete matrix increases the resistance even more. The application of steel fiber in engineering can be said to be an important change for the construction industry. The use of fiber can effectively guarantee the quality of the project and effectively prolong the life of the project.