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Choosing Steel Fiber is Choosing a Security Guarantee

1. Understand the steel fiber

Experts from equipment manufacturers in the steel fiber industry It is understood that the mass-produced T300 steel fibers are widely used in building walls and become the basic materials for civil use. However, steel fiber-reinforced composite materials can be used as aircraft structural materials, electromagnetic shielding and antistatic materials, artificial ligaments and other body substitute materials, as well as in the manufacture of rocket casings, motor boats, industrial robots, automotive leaf springs and drive shafts. Steel fiber is a new material with excellent mechanical properties, its specific gravity is less than 1/4 of steel, lighter than aluminum, and 20 times stronger than iron. Compared with titanium, steel, aluminum and other metal materials, steel fiber has the characteristics of high strength, high modulus, low density and small linear expansion coefficient in physical properties, and can be called the king of new materials. As an advanced strategic emerging material for both military and civilian use, steel fiber will be more widely used in aerospace, transportation equipment, general industry, medical care, sports and other fields in the future. As a profassional steel fiber manufacturer in China, we produce different types of steel fibers including loose hooked end steel fibres, micro steel fiber, glue hooked end steel fibers. 

2. Anti-corrosion effect of steel fiber products

As a new type of composite material with excellent properties, steel fiber has appeared in front of people and has been widely used. From the perspective of the use direction of steel fiber, it has not only been used on the road, but also has made considerable achievements in the use of coastal areas. Because steel fibers can not only effectively strengthen tensile, shear, and crack resistance, but also have excellent performance in corrosion resistance. Its biggest feature is that it can ensure good tensile strength, elongation after break, and shrinkage of section, and has strict requirements on the control of the smelting process. In the future, there will be great development in technology.

Steel fiber has strong anti-corrosion and anti-scour ability, and it is still bright even under the corrosion of seawater. Tensile, bending, shearing and other properties. Because the steel fibers can be evenly distributed in the concrete, when the concrete structure is impacted, the steel fibers can absorb a large amount of impact energy, reduce the stress concentration, effectively control the further extension of cracks in the concrete, and prolong the life of the structure. Steel fiber has become a relatively rare practice, which can effectively strengthen the concrete and can better support and maintain the concrete. Therefore, the steel fiber machine is widely used, and the steel fiber produced has strong tensile, bending and shear resistance, which can effectively maintain the safety and integrity of various projects, and can be well used in anti-seepage, water storage and other projects. , and has high anti-abrasion performance. In addition, steel fibers are widely used in road pavements, bridges and airports.