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Application of Steel Reinforced Concrete Technology in Bridge Construction

1. Steel fiber reinforced concrete used in bridge deck pavement


The application of steel fiber reinforced concrete technology to the pavement construction of the bridge can improve the crack resistance, flexural resistance and durability of the bridge, and ensure the safety and comfort of driving; extend the service life of the bridge and increase the strength of the bridge; By reducing the thickness of the bridge surface paving can reduce the weight of the bridge and realize the improvement of the bridge's stress condition. 

At the same time, steel fiber reinforced concrete of our steel fiber company can also be combined with rubber asphalt concrete to jointly improve the quality of bridge deck paving.


2. Steel fiber reinforced concrete is used to reinforce local structures such as bridge piers and abutments


Under long-term dynamic load, the bridge deck and bridge piers and abutments of the bridge will have surface peeling or cracks. In order to effectively strengthen these structures, steel fiber reinforced concrete can be sprayed by a rotor jet to lift the bridge piers and abutments, it wil improve the seismic performance and overall performance of related structures. Chiseling or sandblasting is performed on the original concrete surface to keep the new and old concrete directly blended with each other.


3. Steel fiber reinforced concrete is used to strengthen reinforced concrete piles


Applying steel fiber reinforced concrete to the pile top and pile tip of reinforced concrete piles can enhance the impact resistance and toughness of the pile top. In this case, when the concrete pile is driven into the depth, it won't have any top rupture phenomenon and can reduce the number of hammer strokes and improve work efficiency. Reinforced concrete piles can be made of ordinary concrete or steel fiber reinforced concrete as a whole, but the cost of the latter is relatively high.

Use sprayed steel fiber reinforced concrete to reinforce road slopes and tunnels. The application of sprayed steel fiber reinforced concrete to tunnel reinforcement can effectively avoid water seepage and ensure the integrity of the tunnel structure; the application of steel fiber reinforced concrete to slope sections with poor geology can enhance the stability of slope support.