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Application of Steel Reinforced Concrete in Road Construction

1. Use steel fiber reinforced concrete to make pavement


The use of steel fiber reinforced concrete for pavement production requires certain methods. The double-layer composite structure refers to replacing most of the pavement materials with steel fiber reinforced concrete. 

The three-layer production method is to pave a three-layer pavement, of which the upper and lower two layers are steel fiber reinforced concrete, and the middle layer is ordinary concrete. To ensure the toughness of the road surface, we should pay attention to the use of steel fiber reinforced concrete. Doping steel fiber into concrete will greatly increase the strength of concrete, so it is very important to use steel fiber reinforced concrete to pave the road.


2. Use steel fiber reinforced concrete to repair various kinds of damaged pavements


The use of steel fiber reinforced concrete can also repair various kinds of damaged pavements. Usually, combination, separation and direct are used. These three methods are used to make various types of overlays. The separation method is not to use the corresponding cover surface to directly contact the road surface, but to separate it with an isolation belt, and each plays a role. The so-called direct method is to lay the steel fiber reinforced concrete directly on the damaged road surface.


The best way to repair damaged pavements is to use concrete containing steel fibers of steel fiber company or fine sand and gravel. This kind of concrete will greatly improve the repair of damaged pavements. 

To ensure the quality of concrete, it is best to control the volume ratio of steel fiber to concrete between 1% and 2%, and at the same time strictly control the ratio of the length to the diameter of the two. Such concrete has the most powerful repair function.  The application of steel fiber reinforced concrete to pavement paving in frozen soil areas can well protect frozen soil resources. This takes advantage of the good frost resistance of steel fiber reinforced concrete to keep the thermal energy of frozen soil in balance.