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Application of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Steel fiber reinforced concrete is a new type of composite material. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties such as tensile, bending, crack resistance, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, and high toughness. At present, steel fiber has been widely used in construction engineering, hydraulic engineering, highway and bridge engineering, highway pavement and airport pavement engineering, railway highway, pipeline engineering, inland waterway engineering, anti-riot engineering and maintenance and reinforcement engineering.

Ⅰ. The application of steel fiber reinforced concrete in hydraulic engineering

It is mainly used for parts subject to high-speed water flow and complex forces, such as spillways, drains, pressure drains, stilling basins, gate bottom plates and sluices, ship locks, aqueducts, dam seepage panels and slope protection, etc. . These parts have relatively high requirements on the tensile strength, shear strength and crack resistance of the concrete material itself, and they are also taking advantage of the steel fiber reinforced concrete's own advantages.

Ⅱ. The wide implications of steel fiber reinforced concrete in architectural engineering

It is generally used in housing construction engineering, prefabricated pile engineering, frame nodes, roof waterproofing engineering, underground waterproofing engineering and other engineering fields. For example, the use of steel fiber reinforced concrete in the seismic frame node can replace the stirrup to meet the requirements of the node for strength, ductility, energy consumption, etc., and can also provide a role similar to the binding constraint concrete, and solve the construction problem that the reinforcement extrusion in the node area makes the concrete difficult to pour. steel fiber reinforced concrete also has good crack resistance, which can make the components in the elastic stage without cracking under standard loads, and there is no heavy distribution of stress. In addition, the self-waterproof prestressed roof panel made of steel fiber reinforced concrete not only improves the crack resistance of the self-waterproof prestressed roof panel, but also reduces the reinforcement rate of the longitudinal prestressed ribs and improves the durability of the structure.

Ⅲ. The application of steel fiber reinforced concrete in road and bridge engineering

It is widely used in roads, bridges, airport runways and other projects, including new construction and repair projects. Compared with ordinary concrete, steel fiber reinforced concrete has better toughness, impact resistance and fatigue resistance. It can reduce the thickness of the surface layer, lengthen the distance between expansion joints, improve performance, reduce maintenance costs, and extend life. The surface layer can be reduced by 30-50% compared with ordinary concrete. The distance between highway expansion joints can reach 30-100m, and the distance between airport runway expansion joints can reach 30m. When it is used for pavement and bridge repair, the cover thickness is only 3-5cm.

Ⅳ. The application of steel fiber reinforced concrete in railway engineering

In terms of railway engineering, steel fiber reinforced concrete is mainly used in prestressed steel fiber reinforced concrete railway sleepers, double-block railway sleepers and emergency repair railway bridge deck waterproof protection. Railway projects are subject to heavier loads, higher speeds and tens of thousands of vibrations, so concrete must have higher strength, higher impact resistance and greater plasticity. This just takes advantage of the impact resistance and better plasticity of steel fiber reinforced concrete.

Ⅴ. The application of steel fiber reinforced concrete in ocean engineering

Although the corrosion of steel fiber reinforced concrete is still to be further studied, Japan and Norway's solution to the effect is remarkable. The Japanese Iron and Steel Club uses steel fiber reinforced concrete as the anti-corrosion layer of steel pipe piles. After soaking in sea water for 10 years, the steel fiber reinforced concrete is anti-corrosion intact. The surface of the steel pipe is not corroded and still has a metallic luster. Norway uses steel fiber reinforced concrete for the tunnel lining of the North Sea submarine gas pipeline, the support of the Forsmark nuclear power plant's subsea nuclear waste storage, the plugging of the post-tensioned pre-stressed pipe holes of the offshore platform, and the repair of the seawater-corroded parts of the wharf concrete. steel fiber reinforced concrete was also used in the track beam project of the Shijiu Port Wharf in Jiangsu, China.

In addition to the above fields, there are many examples of the application of steel fiber reinforced concrete, such as heavy-duty work manufacturing industrial plants and warehouse floors, thin-walled water storage structures, prefabricated panels, centrifuge pipes, sewage wells, swimming pools, refractory concrete and refractory materials, anti-explosive structure, repair, reinforcement and seismic reinforcement of various buildings and structures.