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Application of Steel Fiber Concrete in Construction Engineering

1. About steel fiber concrete

In the past few years, the scale of construction projects has continued to grow, and people have higher and higher requirements for the construction quality of engineering construction. In the construction process of a building project, the construction unit should pay attention to the construction quality of the project and actively use advanced construction technology to ensure the quality of the project. 

Steel fiber concrete technology is a new type of modern technology. The material used is a new type of cement composite material. It has the advantages of high-quality performance, rich energy, and convenient construction. The most important thing is that it can ensure the construction quality of the project. It is very in line with construction needs. Therefore, steel fiber concrete technology has been widely used in construction engineering.

2. Application of steel fiber concrete in complex terrain construction

In an environment with a harsh geographic environment and a complex terrain, it is difficult to build a building, which will bring great difficulty to the construction project, and various natural disasters are prone to occur in this environment, increasing a lot of engineering cost to the project.

For this reason, in the face of such a situation, the construction party can use the steel fiber reinforced concrete technology in this project. 

First, steel fiber of our steel fiber company should fully integrate the actual situation to carry out a scientific and reasonable construction plan design, and strictly do a good job in the design of the ratio of steel fiber concrete. Such an approach is conducive to ensuring the quality of the project and ensuring the smooth progress of the project. 

In view of the topography of the construction site, research shows that when selecting steel fiber concrete materials, the tensile strength must be selected to meet the actual construction requirements. Secondly, when designing the diameter and aspect ratio of the steel fiber, it is required that the ratio should be appropriate.